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CHK Charities Limited was incorporated on 20th November 1995 as a private company, limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, under a Memorandum of Association dated 17th November 1995.


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CHK Charities Limited
The CHK Charities' web site is temporarily closed whilst we undertake a major strategic review. No new appeals will be considered during this time. We will relaunch a new web site by Spring 2019 and share our new focus with you then. If meanwhile you have a query about existing funding please contact Scott Rice at or call 020 3207 7232


The origin of the charity derives from the wish of Sir Cyril Kleinwort and his descendants, who constitute the members of the company, to devote some of their time and resources to charitable activities. The company’s objectives are to promote and support, as the directors shall in their discretion decide, such charitable purposes and such charitable organisations as are exclusively charitable according to the law of England. It is, therefore, exclusively a grant-making charity, with no direct operating activity of its own.

The directors of the company are its trustees for the purposes of charity law.

CHK Charities Limited normally makes grants totalling up to £2 million per annum for a wide range of purposes across the UK, funded from investments.

The annual Trustees' Report and Accounts are available as pdf downloads.

Accounts - Trustees' Report >>> - file size 695kb

Please note you will need Acrobat Reader to view these once downloaded.