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Update February/March 2019
We are undertaking a major strategic review. We hope to have completed our review by April 2019. Whilst the review is underway, we regret we are NOT inviting or considering any new appeals. When our review is complete, we will provide details on this website of our new focus.

In the meantime, only questions about existing funding should be made by email to or by calling Jane Darlington on 07592 806 521.


Introduction to CHK Charities
The origin of the Charity derives from the wish of Sir Cyril Kleinwort and his descendants to devote some of their time and resources to charitable activities. The Charity's objects are to promote and support charities and charitable activities, as selected at the discretion of the Trustees. The objects are achieved by offering financial support to registered charities. CHK Charities is, therefore, exclusively a grant-making charity, with no direct operating activity of its own.

The Annual Trustees' Reports and Accounts for CHK Charities are available as pdf downloads from the Charity Commission website