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CHK Charities Limited was incorporated on 20th November 1995 as a private company, limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, under a Memorandum of Association dated 17th November 1995.


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What will happen to my application?

What will happen to my application?
Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.

Applications which are within the charity's Areas of Activity are sent to the Trustees.

The Board of trustees meets twice a year but this greatly understates their involvement. Consideration of appeals received is undertaken by small groups (never less than three people) of trustees to whom power has been delegated by the Board to make donations in specific fields up to individual amounts of £25,000. These groups of trustees meet roughly bi-monthly, so appeals can be dealt with expeditiously, and their decisions are reviewed and ratified at the next subsequent board meeting. Furthermore, ad hoc, minuted meetings of the whole Board are convened as and when donations exceeding £25,000 have to be considered between regular Board meetings.

Successful applicants will normally be informed in writing of the trustees' decision within four weeks of the decision. To avoid additional administrative costs, the charity only reverts to those applicants that the trustees wish to support.

Normally, both successful and unsuccessful applicants are required to wait a minimum of twelve  months from the date of their last application before reapplying.